Survival Kits 

There was something missing from/broken in my kit the moment I received it, what now? 

– Contact the survival kit coordinator. You’ll get a replacement item, and you don’t have to pay for it if you inform us as soon as possible. 

Where & when can I return the survival kit? 

– You can return it to the Tamko office during the opening hours (Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00). If you’re not able to do it during the opening hours, contact the current survival kit coordinator. 

Prior to arrival 

I’m having trouble finding an apartment through the student housing companies, where could I find more information? 

– Opiskelijan Tampere has a section for apartments. There are also “roommate wanted” ads in both Finnish and English. Contact email: housing@opiskelijantampere.fi 

How can I get to the city center from the airport and vice versa? 

– In case you are arriving in the beginning of a semester, ask your tutor whether there is a bus, organized by our pick-up coordinator, which you could use. Otherwise your tutor might be able to pick you up. 

– Bus number 61 travels between the city center and the airport. Check the timetable. There is an airport taxi too, which is cheaper than a regular taxi. Note that you have to reserve one in advance if you are going from the center to the airport! 

How can I get the key to my apartment? (e.g. if I’m arriving late in the night) 

– Your tutor ought to get the apartment key from the student housing office before hand, if you have not heard from him/her at least a week before your arrival, contact the international office! 

Living in Tampere 

What is the general emergency number? 

– 112 

Where can I find information about the city transport? 

– For information about ticket fares, locations where you can recharge your bus card and such, see Tampere City Transport (shortened TKL in Finnish). Also, here you can check which buses are departing next from a chosen bus stop, see the routes of different bus lines etc. As for recharging your bus card, note that it is possible to do that in the bookstore on Kuntokatu 3 campus. 

Where can I get a bike? 

– Police station’s auction of lost & unretrieved items generally includes a good deal of bikes, however, the auction only takes place twice a year. It’s possible to find reasonably priced used bikes in the bike shops but you might want to check this as well. 

I’d like to visit some second hand shops, is there a list of them? 

– Check this unofficial list of second hand shops in Tampere. 

I lost my *item* last night, where is the lost & found office? 

– Many bars, restaurants, shopping centers as well as TKL bring lost items to Pirkanmaan Löytötavaratoimisto which can be found here. 

What are the age-limits for buying alcohol/tobacco in Finland? 

– In general the limit is 18 (20 for buying strong alcohol in Alko). Night clubs can choose their own entrance limits, usually ranging from 18 to 24. 

I have seen students wear these overalls, what are they all about and where/when I can get one? 

– The student overalls are arguably the easiest way of showing your field of study and the university where you are studying. They are often worn in monthly student parties and on Vappu (1.5.) for example. Unfortunately the only chance to order your own overalls in most fields of study is right at the beginning of a school year. This is not always the case though so you should ask your fellow students about e.g. IB overalls. 

Where can I borrow sports equiptment? 

– You can borrow equiptment at the Tamko office. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, you can try your luck with the second hand shops. Skates can be found for a reasonable price in many second hand shops during the winter. 

There must be a public sauna by a lake in Tampere, right? 

– Yep. There’s a large sauna by the lake Näsijärvi in Rauhaniemi. You can get there by bus number 2. Entrance for one day costs 5€. There is also Rajaportin sauna in Pispala. 

Trips & other events 

I would like to visit Lapland during my exchange, don’t you organize a trip there? 

– ESN Tampere sections (ESN INTO & ESN FINT) organize a few trips each semester. Also, check Aikamatkat/Timetravels and their “student and ESN trips”.